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Hello, All my sweet visitor Welcome to earnings talk blog. Hope that all keep going well. After a few days, I am back So you will get lots of tips and tricks day by day. Today I am writing about the most wanted topic on how to increase Your Fiverr sales Yes I will share Top 5 killer tips and tricks about how to get more sales on Fiverr. Before the start, I want to tell about seller Profile. If you really want to get more order please optimize your Fiverr profile. Visit your profile click to view as a buyer and see at first your profile picture if your profile picture is not smiling face or not professional please change it fast Because it’s so much effective for getting more orders. A smiley face is a positive sign so when the client sees your profile picture that’s time he or she will think positively about you its higher chance to get more order. Also please check your Profile description and correction if not related to your service. Ok now come to the point.

Top 5 killer tips to increase sales on Fiverr|Fiverr earnings tips

Ok, see below five killer tips to increase your Fiverr sales.

1.Optimize your gig title :

The most important subject is Your gig title. Yes, you should optimize your gig title. Ok, now I am writing details. Think you are a WordPress expert now you want to sell service about WordPress so you will create WordPress service-related gig. For example “I will do WordPress website design for you “Now look you can write this title lots of way for example” I will do responsive  WordPress website design for you. “I will do responsive website design WordPress platform “. Now again check The first one is not effective but the 2nd and 3rd title is So much effective because Already used the best keywords on gig title.

if any buyer search on Fiverr responsive website or WordPress responsive website your gig will show on Fiverr first page (higher chance ). So when you create any Gig please follow this system and must use targeted keywords and optimize hope that you will get the best results. This trick is not only WordPress you can use it for all categories. Also, you should optimize your tag. Use category related tag for example for WordPress website you can use This kind of tag WordPress website, website creation, responsive WordPress website, WordPress you should use your category name at list 3 times.

2.On your available now option( Stay online)  :

The awesome tools are Available now option. So if you want to get more sales you should on available now option and You will get the best results if you on your available now option USA office time. We know that already most of the buyers of Fiverr from the USA so this trick is so much effective.I think this is a magic tool or option for getting more orders.So try it right now and see the results .see this picture where is available now option.

Note: Right now you will not find this option but you should stay online by click every page after few mins and its high chance to get more orders from the buyer.


3.Share your gig on Social Media   :

Share your gig on social media. Yes, this is so much important matter is for getting more orders on Fiverr. If you want more sales you should be marketing your gig or service on social media. My first suggestion you should share your gig on Google plus. Yes, google plus is very important to increase your gig impression view and click. I think you know if increase your click you must get lots of order on Fiverr .so share your gig on Google plus also you should find out gig share community on Google  Plus and share your gig all area. Then next is twitter yes its most powerful. I think you know Twitter is the best platform to share your own opinion all over the world. And most twitter use in the USA and all over the world so share your gig and you should increase your followers. I hope that you will get the best results.

4.Tell your friends to order your gig (if you are a new seller)   :

if you are a new seller you should Order your gig by any others like your friends or any known buyer some. I know you think this is not good but it’s true when you are a new seller on Fiverr its so much difficult to get order so at first you should order your gig by your friends and tell him to give you best one review after that you will get the order I am sure.

Note Don,t order from the same category profile to your profile because some times is so much risk if Fiverr tracking the system. They can ban your profile. so it’s risky you can do it if you want to get these kinds of risk.

5. Send 10 buyer request Daily    :

For new or experienced sellers this is the best option  I think to get more orders on Fiverr. If you want more orders daily you should send buyer requests daily. At first, follow the buyer request page on Fiverr when the buyer request is posting a new job. After that, you should be planning to send buyer request and then just post the new job you should send buyer request immediately when it’s 0-5 its higher chance to get an order

However all tips and tricks are very effective so hope that guys are enjoying this article and follow all system for getting more orders on Fiverr .if you have any question please comment me below. I am ready to Help and please share this article on social media if you like this.

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