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Are you looking for Fiverr alternative sites like Fiverr if yes so this article is only for you? Fiverr is So much Popular a Freelance Market place in the world. They are Providing High-quality freelance Service all over the world. right now more than 65 million people visit Fiverr for buying or selling any service. Really this is a big amount of people working here. Fiverr started their journey $5 but now you can find a high amount of service here. In this article, I am covering details about sites like Fiverr with the top 11 Fiverr alternatives.

If you are a professional freelancer you should work at least 3-5 freelancer websites because there is now a guaranty you will not ban from any marketplace. So you should work a minimum of 3-5 websites and that will be very helpful for your freelance career.

12 Fiverr Alternatives sites like Fiverr

Please read this article from start to end to get the best information. I hope you will get the best Fiverr alternative websites and you can double your earning.

1 People per hour

People per hour is one of the best Fiverr alternatives. you will find a service similar to Fiverr but this is the best option because in this freelancer marketplace the price is high. so you can earn a big amount of money. This is UK based freelancer company Anyone can buy or sell their online service here. People per hour started their journey in 2007  by Xenios Thrasyvoulou and Simos Kitiris. The company office is in London UK. You can read more details about people per hour from Wikipedia.


People per hour have some good side and bad side. I am writing about the good side and bad side below.

The good side of people per hour

  • This is super easy to create any account on people per hour
  • Best price for all kinds of seller
  • fiverr started their price $5 but people per hour started their price minimum $10
  • Graphics section is just awesome so you will find quality graphics work .
  • Also you will get SEO and digital marketing service from any where .
  • you can send buyer request just like fiverr and this is awesome option to get new job.
  • payment and security system is very strong so you can trust this website 100%.
  • Payoneer is Available so all asian people can receive payment easily.

The bad side of people per hour

  • 20% charge that is high for freelanceer
  • daily buyer request is limited and not enough for new freelanecr.
  • Within 6 month if you can,t earning or complete any project your profile will be restricted.

2. Upwork

Upwork is one of the best leading freelance marketplace. When Upwork started their journey that time company name was Odesk and same time another company is doing well name was Elance. In 2015 Odesk and Elance merge and started a new company Upwork. So 2 strong marketplace is now strong one marketplace that is Upwork. This company funder Odysseas Tsatalos and it’s funded in 2015 in the United States. The company CEO’s name is Hayden Brown and headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States. 41 million users search Upwork monthly I think this is a big amount of people working with Upwork .


Good side of Upwork

  • This is world largest one of the best freelance marketplace.
  • You can bid and get job easily .
  • You will find top web developer, SEO expert , Graphics designer and other top seller from here.
  • There are lots of payment system so you can transfer your money from Upwork to your bank or Payoneer Account.
  • You can start any hourly job and this is very interesting for UPwork freelancer.
  • Upwork have own time tracker softwar that is just awesome.
  • Upwork have direct payment option so you can recive your payment directly one upwork for new client.
  • If you hire any big project like $500 after that upwrok will not charge 20% it will be decrise.
  • Recently Upwork started gig system that is awesome so people can easily create there service like fiverr.

Bad side of Upwork

  • Upwork have some limitation for free bid
  • If you want to send maximum amount of bid you should buy connection.
  • But fiverr will give you daily 10 offer free that is awesome.
  • Its not easy to hunt any new job as a new seller.

3. is one of the best freelance marketplaces and this is another Fiverr alternative website. As usual, you will find some sellers and buyers. is an Australian site and it’s funded in 2009. Freelancer Headquarter in Sydney Australia. Monthly 8 million people using and you will find lots of jobs here. Indian People are doing well here mostly SEO section they control the market. Yes, you will find lots of SEO experts from India.

Freelancer website

Freelancer Good side

  • You will fnid llots of job here daily
  • it is very easy to get any job here
  • Project budget is good so you can easily earn big amount of money
  • There are lots of payment system so you can recive your money from easily
  • have own android apps that is awesome so you can easily chat with your cleint from anywhere.
  • Design interface is awesome so its looks prfessional.
  • have own application so you can track your worktime also your work screenshots. bad side

  • There are bid limitation for new freelanecr
  • If you want to bid more project you should buy connection for it .
  • Mobile apps needs improvment for bid.

4. seoclerk

SEOclerk is one of the best Fiverr alternatives or sites like Fiverr. you will find lots of gigs just like Fiverr but the price is low. So you can easily buy any service within few cost. You can start your new business here. I am telling here how you can start a business here. At first, create a profile on Fiverr on SEO category then create a backlinks gig with a high price. when you will get an order from Fiverr after that you just hire some person from seoclerk at low cost. So it’s the best opportunity for any seller I think.


SEOclerk Good side

  • Very low cost service you can easily buy from seoclerk.
  • very easy to use and good interface
  • seoclerk just like fiverr but low cost service.
  • You can buy low cost service from seoclerk and you can sell it other marketplaces.
  • SEOclerk is SEO based freelance marketplace so you will find lots of SEO service.

SEOclerk Bad side

  • You will finds some spam seller here
  • For youtube and facebook like and subscriber service you will find some fake service.
  • payment method needs to improve .
  • security need to imporve.

5. Anytask

Anytask is another one best Fiverr alternative websites. So you can buy any service from here starting from $1. their are lots of sellers you will find like Fiverr. All sellers are qualityful and worldwide. You can buy any graphics service, website design service, SEO service, and many more services from anytask website. More than 100k users use this anytask from worldwide.


Anytask Good side

  • Service started from $1 that is very low cost.
  • new marketplace so competition is low.
  • you will find best Graphics Design service.
  • Site design is very nice
  • customer support are Awesome.

Anytask bad side

  • All payment method is not Available
  • Anytask should increase the price
  • Need to set strong security for seller and buyer.

6. Fivesquid

fivesquid is one of the best freelance marketplaces similar to Fiverr. Fiversquid is a British-based freelance marketplace and they are started their journey in 2011. You will find lots of gigs here just like Fiverr. Monthly 120k users use this website to buy or sell any service. The service price is good.


Fiversquid Good side

  • You can easily buy any service from fiveaquid.
  • You will earn Euro from here that is awesome.
  • fivesquid Graphics service is great also other service is good.
  • Buyer request system is Available here so you can send buyer request easily.
  • support system is Good and you can get 24/7 support.

fivesquid Bad side

  • Payment system is not enough
  • only paypal is available here .
  • most of the Asian people using Payoneer but its not available here.
  • Their is no automated payment system so after withdraw your money you should wait.

7. legiit

Legiit Recently leading freelance Marketplace similar fiverr. The design interface and other gig systems are similar to Fiverr. you will find lots of gigs and you can buy or sell any service here. I have checked lots of times mainly you will find the Best SEO service and logo design service here. Also, you will find all other services.


Legiit Good side

  • Payoneer is Available that is very helpful for Asian seller.
  • Graphics Service is best i think.
  • You will find lots of SEO service within your budget.
  • Support system is great so you can solve any problem easily.
  • lots of Payment method is available here .
  • 210k users use legiit monthly.

Legiit Bad side

  • needs lots of client
  • buyer request is not enough
  • legiit should more marketing to get valuable cleints.

8. Truelancer

Monthly 690k users use truelancre and this other sites like Fiverr. Truelancer has lots of gigs and services just like Fiverr. you will get lots of jobs here and you can send buyer requests here easily. Lots of job post posting on the job section and lots of sellers apply to get the jobs. Truelancer has the same gig system as Fiverr but there is some special section for sellers. you will find contest areas like and anyone can join the contest.


Truelancer Good side

  • Gig and buyer request system is available so its best for seller
  • Contest system Awesome for graphics seller.
  • lots of Payment method available for seller that is great option.
  • you can easily get long term client from here.

Truelancer Bad side

  • Most of the clients from india
  • There are lots of low budget cleint from india

9. Guru is one of the best freelance marketplaces for freelancers. This website is very old but the project quality is so high. started the journey in 1998 and continue providing best service for all freelancer. Most of the project is the very high price so if you get any project you can earn lots of money. Also, you will get long-term clients from here.

Guru Good side

  • Project price is so high and high quality
  • All client are professional
  • you will get long term client and big project from here.
  • If you are web developer this is the best marketplace for you.
  • All payment system is available here.
  • Design quality is good because its mobile friendly. bad side

  • have no best mobile apps

10. GigBucks

Gigbuks is similar to truelancer or Fiverr. You will get lots of service within your low budget. mainly social media service is awesome here. so if you want to increase your youtube subscription or if you want to increase your Facebook page like you can buy some service here within a few costs.

Gigbucks good side

  • Best social media gig here
  • low cost service.
  • very easiy to find best seller.
  • mobile responsive design so you can brows from any device.

Gigbucks Bad side

  • Most of the service social media related
  • No mobile apps is available
  • all payment method is not available

11. Toptal

Toptal is one of the best leading freelance marketplaces. you will get the top 3% talent from this website and all sellers are just like pros. so you will get premium quality service from Toptal. So if you want to hire a top-quality freelancer this marketplace is only for you.


Toptal Good side

  • All freelanecr are high quality freelancer
  • you can hire top 3% talented freelancer from this marketplace.
  • Project price really so high
  • Design and other interface is really good

Toptal bad side

  • Only pro talented freelancers can join here
  • their is no awesome mobile application for mobile use

12. Cloudpeeps

Cloudpeeps is another great freelance marketplace. this marketplace is different from other marketplace but you will get premium quality service from here. over 150 countries already use this marketplace to buy any service. less than 50k user use this website to sell or buy their service.


Cloud peeps Good side

  • You can easily find best freelancer from here .
  • user not enough so competition is low
  • you can easily get any job here .

Cloud peeps bad side

  • Traffic is below 50k so small amount of client here
  • As usual cloud peeps have no android apps for users .

Final word: I think you have already got your best information about Fiverr alternative or sites like Fiverr. If you have any questions or if you need any more info about these topics please feel free to comment below. I will reply to your comment within 24 hours. if you want to get an update notification about any new article you can subscribe to my website.


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