Top 10 killer Fiverr Tips and tricks 2022 to get more order

Are you looking for the latest Fiverr tips and tricks and Fiverr tutorial 2022? if yes now you are the right place on the web. From this article, you will get the top 20 Fiverr tips & tricks for increasing your sales. I hope that all tips will be very helpful for your Fiverr journey. Also, I want to share my practical experience to boost your Fiverr sales. so, please read the complete article from start to end hope you will get all the best info.

Fiverr Tips and tricks 2022

Before writing about the tips and tricks I want to write a summary about Fiverr. I hope that this information will helpful for the new reader who is want to know about Fiverr.

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What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a Freelancer marketplace where buyers and sellers buy and sell their service easily. Fiverr is now one of the best leading freelance marketplaces and people are enjoying their service. Fiverr started its journey in 2010 in Israel and they are now big Freelance service providers around the world. So if you want to sell you any kind of online service you can sell on Fiverr easily.

Now I am writing about 20 Fiverr tips and tricks for you please follow all the steps if you want to get the best results or if you want to increase your sales on Fiverr.

1.Optimize your gig title

Gig title is so much important for your Fiverr order.
If you choose the wrong title for your Fiverr You won’t receive too many orders But if you can choose the right title for your Fiverr gig you will get too many orders. So the Fiverr gig title is really so much important to get more orders on Fiverr. I am now telling you some pro tips for optimizing your gig title.

  • see the minimum 5 gig title on the first page about our keywords or category.
  • Collect all titles in word doc then make it unique for you.
  • use (,) comma after every keyword
  • Don,t copy any other seller title completely ( you can just collect some keyword.
Fiverr tips and tirikcs

2.Create Attractive Gig image

Gig image is so much important to get more orders on Fiverr. I think you know lots of sellers creating their gig daily on Fiverr and they are trying to sell their service and rank their gig on the first page. So you should create your Gig image more attractive than others. Because when the Client searches on the Fiverr search bar for any kind of service client will see lots of seller gig images but he or she will click only a few Attractive gig images that are eye-catching. So Please make your Gig image just Awesome using photoshop or other software and don,t forget to rename your gig image name using your keywords or Gig title.

3. Use the best Keywords in tag and Description

If you want to rank your fiver gig and if you want to get more orders you should select the best keywords for your service. The best way you should see others top rated or first pages gig and they see their gig keywords after that select best one for your Gig or category. For example, you are a web developer and you want to sell your service about web design. so you should use keywords like Webdesign, website design, WordPress, blog site,eCommerce website this is just for an example. You should research your keywords at first then use all keywords on your gig description and in your gig Tag. So I think this another one best Fiverr tips and tricks for all Fiverr sellers.

4. Be online minimum 12 hours daily

Online activity is most important for all kind of Fiverr seller. If you really grow your career on Fiverr you should take it seriously and Be online a minimum of 12 hours every day. I think you have already seen the filter on Fiverr latest interface. When anyone searches in the Fiverr search bar He/she can easily check all online sellers and offline sellers. This is the best option for a client who is starting their right now or discuss with sellers who are online right now. So if you offline most of the time normally you will lose the opportunity. So this is the best tricks for getting an order from clients.

Be online on fiverr

5. Use Fiverr mobile Apps

The quick or instant reply is very important for getting more orders from Fiverr clients. When you are walking or passing your extra time with your friends or family and that’s time if any client messages on your Fiverr account what you will do? If you lates response you will lose the order and your response rate will be high. So the solutions are you should use Fiverr Android or Ios apps from the android play store or Apple store. Now I want to give you pro tips for setting your Fiverr apps. Most of the sellers just install the Fiverr and they are not open online button sections. This is a very big mistake for the Fiverr seller s make sure you have open the online status button.

6. Send 10 buyer request Daily

For new or experienced sellers this is the best option to get more orders on Fiverr. So if you want more orders on Fiverr you should send 10 buyer requests Daily. When a seller creates his or her gig that’s time one or two days some of the Seller will not find any buyer request. The main reason is when you create your first gig Fiverr takes some time to index your gig and provide buyer requests on your Fiverr profile buyer request section so normally need 1 or days Days. But this problem did not happen for all categories sometimes some sellers faced the problem so if you will face this kind of problem you should wait a minimum of 1 or 2 days. Most of the sellers send copy and paste buyer requests and this is so bad for the seller. Please write an effective buyer request.

7. Share your gig on Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to get more clients for your freelance service. So if you want to get more orders on Fiverr you should share your gig link on a social media website. But keep in mind don,t spamming to share your Gig link on social media. At first, you should know how to do Social media marketing properly after that you can start your social media marketing. In my 7 years of work experience, I want to recommend Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. So you can share your gig link to these 3 most powerful social media sites for the best results.

8. Try to Get 5 star

To boost your Fiverr sales you should try to get 5 star for every project. When you will get an order from your client please take it seriously and try to deliver your best service for 5 star review. Because one Bad review will decrease your gig impression and your gig will rank drop from before position. So work hard and Deliver your best service but keep in your mind don,t message to your client and don,t write please give me five start review. Because its Against Fiverr terms and conditions so you should obey the rules.

9. Connected with Fiver forum

Fiverr forum is one of the best places to share your knowledge and learn lots of things daily. Lots of top-rated sellers are sharing their experience on the Fiverr forum. You will find lots of topic questions and answer you should read all the important topics and gather some knowledge from them. So your extra time visits Fiverr forum and shares your experience and knowledge with other people.

10. Give your skill test

Skill test is so much important to increase your value on Fiverr. Yes, recently Fiverr added the Catagories skill test. So you will find an option about skill test at first prepare yourself then start your skill test. Before start, the skill test you should search on Google for example question and answer after that can easily attend the skill test. If you fail the test you will get a chance to retest after 24 hours so no worry about this just prepared yourself then start a test. When any client will view your profile he/she will see the test results and it’s very helpful to get more orders on Fiverr.

Final word: Thanks for reading this article. I hope this information is very helpful and you have already got best fiverr tips and tricks. If you have any question please feel free to comment below. I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

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