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Fiverr Alternative Market fivesquid new freelancing marketplace

Hello all my sweet visitor Today i wanna  tell you About  an awesome freelancing marketplace .Every body known about fiverr .Fiverr is a good market please for starting new seller or all kinds of seller .But some times people  looking for more jobs like fiverr market .So that Today I am sharing  About new  awesome marketplace .The marketplace name is fivesquid Its looks like fiverr .

If you already Working on fiverr marketplace that will be very helpful for you .Just you can create any kinds of gig just like fiverr .Here is same system for buyer request like fiverr but here browse Request and gig style .


Here is same system is for marketplace order omission 20% just like fiverr .means that when client on your gig market place cut 20% from your order total price .But one Plus point is here  Fivesquid market place currency is euro so if any client order your £5 price  gig market place cut 20% commission and you will earn £4 .Interesting subject is here when you will convert your euro to $ thats time you will get near $5 so its really awesome .now how can You create a gig and how is look like ok take a look one profile on fivesquid you can get best idea from any kinds of profile .

How can you start earning from fiverr alternative marketplace fivesquid ?

Ok just create a Profile on this marketplace fivesquid  and complete your profile just look like professional .You can view some profile but please don,t copy content you just write unique description and Must your work related Title .One Important subject is When  you create a new gig thats time please follow all rules fivesquid Marketplace .Write a best title for your gig and write best description for your gig description You can see some gig for best idea but don,t copu any gig .Just write unique Content and must effective description because when your gig will see any client thats time first time he or she can understand what service you are selling .

Whats kinds of image you will use for your gig :

This is so much important for get more order .You should have   some knowledge about Photo editing  you can use adobe Photoshop for Gig photo editing .If your photo is more attractive I can guarantee you chance will be high to get some order .So please create A attractive gig photo for your gig image .

How to promote your gig for more order :

When you open an account on fivesquid  thats time you should start marketing your gig question is how can you start your gig marketing .The best suggestion for your at first start with google plus then twitter and other social media site share your gig link with targeted keyword you should use .search on google plus gig promotion related community  then join and post your gig link daily hope that you will get best results .Also you can share your gig link on twitter its so much important and effective .So increase your follower and share your gig link on twitter hope that you will get best results .Also you can share your link facebook and other social media site .If you want to another Best Promotion you should buy a domain design a website then promote your gig easily This is so much important if you want to best gig promotion .

How can You get more order :

Yes you can get more order just follow this step .please visit your id daily and stay online minimum 6 hours daily and send buyer request hope that you will get order .When you will get some order complete order very carefully and give your 100% best work for your client hope that you will get order and order increase day by day .If you maintain this system hope that you will get order I am sure .

However no more today  hope that this article is very helpful for you .If you have any question please feel free to ask me .I will give you answer within few hours .Thanks for ready this article if you like this article please share this article fb/twitter/google plus.

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