How to secure Your wordpress website Using wordfence security plugin ?


Hi all whats up .Everybody wants his/her website will be full secured .There are lots of way to secure your wordpress website .There Are lots of plugin here for wordpress security . Today I want share about one of the most wordpress security Plugin .The most important plugin names is wordfence security plugin .Go to your website dashboard and search on your plugin area or you can search it on google

You will see the search results showing about wordfence-security-plugin clieck on this and download it in your computer see this image


after download-wordfence-security please go to your dashboard and click on add new plugin after that upload it see this picture for best idea .

upload wordfence plugin

You can easily see now real time activity for your website visitor .

Guys I  think this is best wordpress security  plugin because if some one try to login you dashboard with wrong password this wordpress security  plugin automatically block his or her ip .


You can see easily using wordpress security plugins  wordfence

all hits ,Humans ,registers online and many more . if you want to block any ip for restricted you can easily do using this
wordpress security plugins . Its very helpful plugin for your wordpress website because when someone try to hack your website you its give you some info before hack and block his ip . Howmany people try to attack your website for hacking or other purpose you can easily track this and you can take any action before hacking .

really this is super I think .You should use strong password all time for your website dashboard login . ALso you should use robots txt access block for wp admin access .If you want more security please check your all  wordpress security plugins warning and take action .

all time update your all file hope that you will be full secured .

If you want protect your content from thieves you can read this article


Thanks for reading this article hope that this post help you so much if you have any question please comment .stay with earnings talk

have a nice day .

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