How to start coding for learning web design and development


Hello all of my sweet visitor .How are you hope that everything is going good . DO you want to be a web designer ? but you don,t know how to start .Ok no problem Today I will show you how to start coding and be a web designer . I think you have completed computer basic now you want to learn web design and development .I have some tips before start guys this article is for very beginner who is really start learning web design and development .Ok lets start Please go to any website for example

and press your computer keyboard key control + U you will see page just  like this google example page source

First time you think oh my god what is this . ha ha ha guys this is a source code of this page .You can see some coding section like HTML or other web language . However come to the point . we want to start coding so whats need now . There are lots of way is available for start coding for example you can start coding with notpad ++   and Brackets  or Other code editor .However I like notpad ++ for beginner this is the best I think .Ok now go to google and search notpad ++ or you can download from here notepad++download  For best idea pleas see the picture

download notpad ++


download and save notpad ++

and save it and install it perfectly

After completing your notepad ++ just open it

and start coding .You can Start learning from w3schools

I think this is the best platform for start learning coding .

For example I am writing a sample cod for start html

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Page Title</title>

<h1>This is a Heading</h1>
<p>This is a paragraph.</p>


The first step is learning HTML
and you just start it open your notepad ++
and type <!DOCTYPE html> and type your all code in the middle </html>
I have some suggestion for best learning please follow at fist 3 site one is Google and another one is W3scholls and the last one is Youtube
Go to google and you just type any things whats you want to learn .
and w3cholls is the best platform for learning webdesign and development also you can search on youtube for learning any things . However please learn step by step try everyday hop that after few month you will be a best web developer .I am designing some landing page and  I will upload it here for free download .So stay with earnings talk and get best landing or html template its will be unique and 100% free .

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