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Hi, everybody  Today I Am sharing About How to increase Fiverr sales. Everybody Wants to get more orders on Fiverr but as a beginner he or she don,t know an easy way to rank there gig on the first page. If you can rank your gig on the first page normally you will get more orders. So you should focus to rank your gig on Fiverr First page. In this article, I am sharing all the latest strategies for Fiverr gig ranking and increase order. There are lots of ways to optimize your gigs such as Gig title, image, description, and many more. Also, the Fiverr buyer request is one of the best ways to increase your order. You should follow all steps from start to end. I hope you will get all the latest Fiverr tips and tricks easily.

How to increase Fiverr sales:

This is a very common question from Fiverr new seller. How to increase Fiverr sales? I have seen lots of time Fiverr forum, Group, and related pages. People asking this kind of Question. So that’s why I am writing about complete Fiverr tips and tricks to increase your Fiverr order. You should read complete article don,t skip any part if you really want to get more order on Fiverr.

Select skill-related username Before creating any Profile:

When you will create your Fiverr profile you should select a skill related name. For example, if you have web design or web development Skill your profile user name should be webdeveloper_101 or something like that. if you have SEO skill your profile user name should be seo_105 or something like that. I hope that guys you got the main point. why we select this kind of user name and what is the benefit for this kind of user name.

Ok, now I am telling about this. When any client search on Fiverr for any kinds of service, for example, client want web design and development service. Normally he or she will search on Fiverr ” web developer “or “Best web developer ” that’s the time web design-related name and profile will show the first page. So your profile user Name is web design-related its higher chance to show your profile on the fist page. If you any profile show on Fiverr search results first page normally he or she will get lots of orders.

Please take look below the image you will get a complete idea or you can search on the Fiverr search bar. I hope that you will find lots of user names related to every skill. Now somebody thinking about I have already created my Fiverr profile and its not possible to change the user name. So what can we do now? Ok, great question no need to do anything just skip this step and follow the next step ok.

fiverr seo related Profile

Optimize your Gig tag for increase Fiverr sales:

Tag is very important for Gig ranking. Please keep in your mind if your gig is rank you will get lots of order. So focus to rank your gig on Fiverr search results on the first page. First of all, go to Fiverr then search on the search bar. Then search your related service, for example, I am searching web design then lots of services will come on the first page. Open 2-4 gig from the first row after that see all gig tag and select the best 5 for your Gig tag. This is really very important for gig ranking and gets more orders. Please take look below you will see the image a perfect example.

fiverr gig tag optimization

Share gig on social media site for increase Fiverr sales:

Nowadays social media is very important for promoting anything . if you want to sell anything within a short time you should share your products on social media in a proper way. You should know about Social media marketing before start shares your gig. Lots of sellers doing spamming daily on social media and this is very bad for their Fiverr profile. So please learn at first how to do social media marketing then start. You can learn from Google and youtube. Also, I am telling you here about the key point of social media marketing. I hope that will be very helpful for you.

  • Create a professional social media account.
  • Complete your social media profile just like a brand.
  • follow and join your targeted groups and people.
  • visit daily and post at least 2 posts daily.
  • Don,t spamming or force people to visit or buy your service.
  • Use perfect tag and picture post-Daily post.
  • You can use bitly to link shortener for your Gig.

Send 10 buyer request Daily:

For Fiverr new seller-buyer request is magic to get the order on Fiverr. Yes, you read it right buyer request is the best way to get order Fiverr. Before starting you should know how to write effective buyer requests on Fiverr. Most of the sellers sending copy-paste buyers request this so bad. If you want to get the order you should send an effective buyer request. Please take a look below and see the list hope you will get best idea.

  • Read the project details from start to end.
  • Ask a question related to the project description.
  • Write short but meaning full buyer requests.
  • Stay online after sending any buyer request.
  • Don,t copy-paste for all projects.

Stay online minimum of 7 hours:

Fiverr is now the best position in the freelance market and lots of sellers create their Fiverr profile daily. So day by day this market is going to be a competitive market. For a new seller to get any job is a challenge but no worry just keep trying. I hope you will get lots of orders when you will get level one badge. Now come to the main point. Fiverr online is a super powerful system to get any job on Fiverr. Lost of people asking me can I use Auto-refresh addons to stay online?

My answer is no because if Fiverr tracks you are using auto-refresh they will ban your profile. suppose you are using auto-refresh and you are sleeping that time any buyer message you but can,t response. This is really bad practice and your profile will be down if you can,t reply any message within 2 min. My suggestion you should fix your working time and if the time will the same time as the USA office time that will be best. I hope you will get lots of orders if you will the perfect time.

Reply to any message within 2 min:

A quick message reply is very important to get any project on Fiverr. Just think about this lots of sellers stay online on Fiverr daily. When a client message any seller, if the seller does not reply within a few min clients, will move another seller. This is a very common client who will not wait for you because they want instant and quick service. So you should reply to the message as soon as possible. you can use Fiverr apps on your Android or iPhone and you can set notification sound. I hope that will be very helpful for you.

Thanks for reading this article. I think you have already go the perfect strategy for increasing your Fiverr sales and traffic. If you have any question please feel free to comment below. I will reply to your comment as soon as possible. if you want to get more tips and tricks you can subscribe to our website push notification also you can follow our twitter.

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