On page seo tutorial step by step (part 2 )

Step by step On page seo part Two

Hi all Whats up ! hope that All is keep going good .Today I am writing About on page seo part two if you have missed part one please read it from here  . However now we are ready to learn About on page seo.

Robots .txt file :

At first we Should  know About  what is robots txt  file and why use this file . Robots .txt file is a simple text document file  that’s can help you to allow or disallow any robots or search robots  to visit or enter your website .

Why need this file ?

Robots.txt file is very important for your website because this is the simple and easy process to block any kinds of file for search visibility .if you want no google or others search engine can,t index your wp admin or any login info you can easily do this using robots .txt file .

see this example :

User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php

How can i create a robots.txt file ?

You can easily create a robots .txt file just select a new text document  and right on text on body

User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php   here you can 
select any file for allow or disallow .after that you 
just save it file name must robots.txt .After that 
go to your cpanel root directory file manager and find
out your website core file area like index.php .you 
just upload your robots.txt file there .oK done .
no need extra work .Robots.txt file is very important
for your website seo .

xml-sitemap creation:

Xml sitemap is very important for any kinds of website seo .So its a mejor issue for on page seo .However you can easily create xml sitemap for your website . I prefer this website system so you can easily  create xml sitemap using this website  just go to here  and follow all instruction hope that you can easily Do This .

Bing webmasters tools verification :

Bing webmasters tools verification is very important for your website so you should do this verification perfectly .If you want to see your website on top ranking you must verify your website with all major search engine area .

How can I verify bing webmasters tolls ?

You can easily verify your website on bing webmasters tools area .

at first Please go to Bing webmasters Tools section Here is the website link then just sign in using your Microsoft account . You will see the section add your website

After that you will get code for verification .You  can easily verify for wordpress website using all in

one seo plugins or yoast seo plusgin go to your website

dashboard and click your all in one or yoast seo  plugin general option area you will see the section Bing webmasters tools verification area put the Bing web masters tools code and save it after that go to

your bing website area and click verify .Hope that  you will see Bing webmasters tools verify successfully. If you have any problem to verify bing

webmasters tools please comment me i will help you sure .However for others website copy the bing web masters tools verification code and paste it your

<head> </head> section and save after that go to bing webmasters tools area and click very hope that you will see bing webmasters tools verification Done.Image alt tag :Image alt tag is important fact for seo you should fix all image all tag issue .Go to your wordpress website dashboard and click media library . You will see all image also you will see alt tag  section so you can easily put your image alt tag Name See this example you will get best idea

Hello all my sweet visitor no more today .
I will  publish on page seo step by step tutorial part three  
and that will be last part so please stay with us and
 be updated .


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