On page seo tutorial step by step (part one )


Hello, guys whats up.Hope that all is well. Welcome to the earnings talk blog. Today I am writing about On-page SEO complete Tutorial step by step. This is part one (on-page SEO) tutorial so stay with us and learn about complete on-page SEO.

What is one-page SEO?

On page SEO is both Optimizations like website content and code.  Also other lots of things optimization. I think 70% SEO ranking depends on   (on-page SEO). So on-page SEO is very important for any kind of website ranking. So Guys  If you have any kind of website you should do must On-page SEO. Ok, let’s start learning step by step.

***Meta tag and meta description fix :

First, you need to fix your website Meta tag and description fix. how to do this ok no worry I am with you just follow step by step my instruction.

At first, I want to tell you that about WordPress website meta tag meta description fix after that I will tell you all kinds of website meta tag meta description fix.

word press website meta tag meta description fix: login to your WordPress website and go to your dashboard You can fix or set your website meta tag and meta description lots of ways but I recommend please use a plugin called  ALL IN ONE SEO  This Plugin is so much helpful for all kinds of on-page SEO optimization.

After installing your all in one SEO please go to your all in one SEO plugin You can see an option on your website dashboard all in one SEO.Please click on general setting  You will see this an interface like this

On page seo 2017 all in one seo plugin

After little down below you will see an option  Homepage setting and  Home Title: also Home Description:  you just put your meta title on home title area and put your  Meta description on your home description area. Meta tittle will be a maximum 57  characters and meta description will be Maximum 160 characters.

Please see this example for best Idea :

meta title: Make Money Online Earnings tips, tricks &Tutorial

Meta description: Earnings talk is a blog All about online earning and making money online.So you can easily get all the latest online earning tips, tricks & tutorials from this blog.

You can check it just visit your website and press control+ U you will see source code and you will also check your meta title and description meta tag meta description example

I hope that guys everything’s clear.

For any kind of website meta tag and meta description fix: For other websites like PHP or any kind of website meta tag and meta description fix is very easy.GO to your website Cpanel or FTP then find out your header option normally header.php and place your meta tag and meta description on <head>  </head> middle of the head. I hope that got it.IF you have any Problem for complete meta tag and meta description Please comment on me I will help you.

***Google web masters tools verification:

I Think you know guys google is the best search engine in this world. So it’s so much important to verify your website with google webmasters tools. Google web master tools are much important for SEO. Ok, let’s learn how to verify google webmasters tools.

If are you using WordPress website it’s so much easy to verify google webmasters tools verification . Just installed all in one SEO plugin and go to General setting and below you will see Google webmasters tools verification. Google webmastes tools verification example

after That go to  Google webmasters tools Home page    if are you not logged please login in your Gmail account .after that You will see

Add property option click on there and add your website

add property on google webmasters tools

After that you will see an option for verification please select an alternative method for verification . and click on HTML after that you will get a code just copy it <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=” your code here ” />Please copy only your code not all just your code and paste it your website dashboard webmasters tools verification and save it on the dashboard after that go google-webmasters tools verification option page and click on your verify button hope that all will be done. it’s so easy . if you have fallen  any problem to complete this please comment I will help you.

For others website google webmasters tools verification: Just copy google webmasters tools code and paste it on your website head section and save then verify hope that all will be done.

So guys no more today this is complete on page seo tutorial and This is part one as soon as possible I will write On page SEO part two .

thanks, and please stay with us my blog and get more tips and tricks.

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