How to start Blogging startup guide for beginner | Blogging Tips And tricks

Hello All welcome to earnings talk Blog again .Hope that everything’s  keep going good .Today I am telling about how to start blogging and how to make money easily from your blog .Just few important matter you should follow .Before start blogging you should have some  knowledge web design and development .If you have no Idea about webdesign and development you should learn about it .You can start learning from  Google or the best website W3 school . Just learn how to build website and maintain it .I think you should finish basic html and css with some advance after that you will learn wordpress . my own  opinion wordpress is the best platform for blogging .You can easily control it and maintain it And there are lots of  available best theme on many theme market also  so  you can just install it and customize all design .

Now come to the  point at first you should research about niche. Means that whats kinds of blog you want to create at first research it .Now I am sure you think how can i select my best niche name or topic .At first think it which topic  is best for writing any article  then research and select .You should Research keyword and domain before start .Just think it you love to write about animal so you should create a blog about animal for example animal health  or you like to write about make money or online tips and tricks so you should create about this kinds of blog . Mainly whatever you like you just create thats kinds blog .hope that you will be success . now you ready so you should buy a domain and hosting for start and install wordpress ,install theme ,start writing and finally start seo  .

How to buy best hosting for my Blog ?

In my 5 years experience I love lots of hosting but I working with 2 hosting one is Blue host and another one is namecheap So you just select any one and buy a simple hosting for starting .If you want to start with one domain there are lots of simple price for you so you just select Any one and buy this also you can buy domain from any hosting .

How to install wordpress on your hosting ?

You can easily install wordpress on your hosting .If your Doamin and hosting is ready you will get cpanel access . So Go to thats link and login after that you will see interface like this

c panel example

go to  mysql database and create a data base at first  you should Must save all information on your computer for best use .After that click create an user and create  sure and finally add user with database .NOw the Next step is go to and download wordpress latest version and upload the zip file on file manager and public html folder.when upload is completed you should extract it and then visit your website automatically wordpress showing put your data base name ,user name ,password,no need any other information change  then install hope that all will be perfect and ready .Now you can install theme on your wordpress dashboard .Also you should install some best plugins For example Google analytics ,Yoast seo etc .Your  website is ready now you can start posting so write effective article and post daily or weekly  that is you matter but content must be unique and best . Oh however you should have best knowledge About seo for best output .Thanks for ready this article hope that this article is helpful for beginner .I will write more article about blogging in future  so if you have any question or any demand please comment me I am ready to  help  you thanks .

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