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How To fix slow computer speed or freezing windows 7 Pc ?

Hello, What’s up My all sweet visitor. Welcome to the earnings talk blog. Today I am sharing some tricks about how to fix a slow computer or how fast your computer windows 7 pc. I hope that this article will be very helpful for You. When your computer is slow thats time  I know whats your mind condition Because I suffer many times this kind of problem with my computer. Sometimes I think that I will hit my computer oH no just Dam! Man. Normally what we do When Our pc is slow That’s the time normally we will go our computer service shop And the whats do just format all things and install new windows on your pc and then after few days we are facing the same problem .so need a complete solution for a fixed lifetime.  Ok cool now Lets start  I have researched and find-out the problem hope that if you do this your problem will be solved.When we start our computer  That’s time automatically run some unwanted software apps and related items so that your computer is slow some times. The main cause is all unwanted applications eating your ram memory .so need to disable all unwanted applications Ok let’s do this now.

fix slow computer speed or freezing windows 7

1.Search for msconfig.exe And open the windows system configurations tool as depicted in the screenshot below

windows loading issue fix

2. on the startup tab, click  the Disable all button to disable all applications That run on startup

windows speed fix

3. To further boost the PC performance and speed, go to the Services tab, check the Hide all Microsoft services box and disable/stop all running applications

4. Apply the changes and you would be prompted to restart your computer. For a quicker temporary fix; on the General tab, choose the Diagnostic startup or the Selective startup with only Load system services checked.

windows error fix

After restarting your computer you will get a super-fast computer. I hope that guys this tricks is very Helpful for All people. If you have any question please feel free to ask me to comment below.


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