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Hi Guys whats up today I wanna show you how to you can do the best keywords for your niche. I think you know keywords are so much important for any kind of website like business or affiliate and any kind. So today I will teach you how to do the best key words Research for your niche. Ok, follow me step by step. For best working you need to install Mozilla browser add-ons then click extension please see this picture you will get the best idea.

Install SEO quake and keywords everywhere on chrome

google adons

After that search seo quake You can search this addon on google easily then just install it. This is so many important tools for SEO optimization and keyword research.

After that you need another keyword in everywhere you can easily find it on google search just search on google using this keyword in everywhere for firefox then install it.Now how can you use these tools for keyword research I think you are thinking about this.Ok, let see I am researching one keyword for example.Just follow me.My niche name or keywords is “Meet Singles Near Me”

now please go to your Mozilla browser and search on google You will see the magic.However, i think you must verify keyword everywhere using the API key.

seo quake and keyword in every where example

My suggestion is at first go to google keyword planner and search your niche topic after that you will select top 10 keywords and search on google and check the results and select the 5 best keywords.

Hope that you will get the best results using this method . This is a simple way to research your keywords you can also use paid tools for most effective results  .

No more today hope that this tutorial is helpful for your keyword research if you have any question please feel free to ask me I am ready to answer you question. Thanks for reading this post you can also you can read.

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