How can I do free call? free call android app download


Hello, Guys Whats up.Hope that all is good. Today I am sharing the best tricks for you after reading this article you can do free call unlimited from your Android Phone and you can easily download free call android app from google play store. Now you thinking how it can possible yes man it’s possible .just follow me step by step. Sometimes we want to do Private Messaging and private chat and Private calling. But it’s not possible when we use network Provider net they can easily track your IP or IME number.

How can we downlaod and free call using android app

So what can we do . Yes, we can do another way to call with our friends and family just using android Phones and android apps.Ok now, let’s start At first Go to Google play store and search wifi talke now install this app on your android phone.


After installing this Android Apps you need to open it. by the way, you just need a partner for calling just you will tell him he or she will install the same apps just like yours. when you and your partner or any person install apps and open you will see some option. You will create a name for your network it’s so easy just go to your wifi talke setting and find the name and change it and write whats you want.

One important thing now opens your hotspot and tell you another partner or any person search wifi he or she will easily get your hotspot name and then connect. You can set a password for security. when all is complete thats time you will see people who are online.


Now you can call, message or send any file easily unlimited .its works well if you want to use without any sim card yes its possible. Guys really this app is so much helpful and interesting. I am really enjoying this app for free calling in my one room to another room and more.

I hope that guys this tutorial will be very helpful for your free call and some fun. If you have any problem with using this app or need any info please feel free to ask me I am ready to help you.

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