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blog. Today I am writing about best 7 wrodpress Plugin for all kinds of wordpress website .If you want to boost your business You should must use best 7 wordpresss plugin . Ok lets start now .

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Yes this is best plugin for collect lead and boost your sell or boost your business . Guys i think you know about click funnels wrodpress plugin really this plugin is very helpful . I have request please use this plugin for your website after that see the magic and tell me your opinion just in my comment . You can easily download this plugin

from here :Download clickfunnels and you can easily signup from here :Sign up for ClickFunnelsNow I wanna tell about the second plugin the second plugin names is


This one of the best wordpress plugin.This plugin will make it easy for your readers to join your email list, share your articles, and optimize with analytics. so guys you can download this plugin from here : download sumome plugin download it and install this plugin on your website and see magic .now I am telling about plugin number 3.

3.Yoast seo:

I think on of the best plugin for seo .I think guys you know this very useful plugin of on page seo optimization .You can easily optimize your website page content and others on page seo using this Yoast seo plugin .You can easily verified your google webmasters tools using this Yoast seo wordpress plugin .If you need any help for on page optimization for your website or any problem for using this plugin please comment after reading article . I will help you .So guys you can easily download Yoast seo wordpress plugin and optimize your wordpress website and improve your website seo .

4.wordfence security:

Guys this so much important plugin for your website security .

Yes I love this plugin for my website security . you can easily secure more that 100% using this plugin . you can easily track ip any kinds of visitor or you can easily block any kinds of visitor ip .I think this on of the best security wordpress plugin  for any kinds of wordpress website . if you have any problem using this plugin please comment I will hellp you must .you can download this please here and install on your website and secure your  website .

5.Cotact form 7:

For collecting your visitor info or contact with you this is so much helpfull plugin for wordpress website .you can easily collect any quiz info or something like this you can easily do this using this contact form you can download this plugin from If you have any problem for using this plugin please comment me I will help you .

6.seo friendly image:

For best image optimization plugin I think . You can easily optimize your website image using this seo friendly image plugin . for website  loading speed and seo improve this plugin is so much important I think .so guys use this plugin and improve your website seo.

you can easily download this plugin and install it . if you have any question or problem please comment me I will help you .

7.Wp super cach:

Awesome and super wordpress plugin I think .

why this plugin is awesome and best please check here

if you want to download this plugin you can easily download .

if you have any problem using this plugin please comment me .

Hello guys  Thanks for reading . Hope that this  article is very helpful for all wordpress user . if you have any request or suggestion for new article please comment me or contact with me using my website contact .


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