3 SEO strategy 2018 thats can boost your seo ranking | seo update 2018

Hello I know seo is important for Fact for your website ranking . website  ranking is so much important fact for your Business .So need to know new seo strategy 2018 .Hope thats this strategy gives you best ranking for long time . Hi this is siam and welcome to earnings talk Blog .Today I am telling about seo strategy 2018 .Hope that this article will be very helpful .

Before start I want to tell about some most important seo strategy .All time we are thing about our ranking and Most of the people think that if i  Do many backlink My website will go first page very fast .I think you are wrong Because You will get some traffic but you did not get any long term ranking and best results .If  you want to do backlink yes you can do but remember it  backlink will be must niche related so your backlink will be effective . However now lets start 3 seo strategy 2018 .


#1 Focus on Content:

I think you know google Has a  update  call google hummingbird .If you have A good content on your website or blog yes you will get ranking must .Because good content is a king .so focus on your content and get best ranking .For example :You  have Website About women Health but you are talking about on your website women dress You are walking on totally wrong road .You can,t get  Any ranking .So if your website is  About  women Health your article content will be must women Health related and I can guarantee Your website will be ranking day by day .So focus on your  content and Get Best raking .

#2 Optimize your title and meta description :

I think you know when you search anything on google that,s time google showing results title with some description For Example If you search Women Health you will get some results like this .

women Health search example on google

So title and meta description is most important ranking fact .When you optimize your title and meta description please focus  your keywords on title and Meta description .Hope  That you will get best ranking .

#3 Google search console  :

This is super and Amazing tools for getting seo Ranking  .If you Did not add this with your website you are out of online. Because this is so much powerful  For ranking any website . so please go to Google and search  How to use Google search console and use it for your website .

Thanks For reading this article Hope that this is article is very helpful for your seo strategy .If you have any question please feel free to ask me .I am ready to help you any time .

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